How to wash arcteryx jacket? Arc’teryx jackets are known for their exceptional performance, durability, and technical features. To ensure the longevity and continued performance of these high-quality garments, it is crucial to wash and care for them properly. Proper washing techniques not only maintain the aesthetics of the jacket but also preserve its functionality and performance features. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to wash Arc’teryx jackets, covering different fabric types, washing methods, detergents, and drying techniques. Let’s dive into the world of Arc’teryx jacket care and empower you to keep your jacket in top condition for all your outdoor adventures.

wash arcteryx jacket

Fabric Types and Care Labels:

Arc’teryx jackets are made from various fabrics, each with specific care instructions. It is essential to refer to the care label inside the jacket to determine the appropriate washing method. Common fabric types in Arc’teryx jackets include Gore-Tex, Polartec, and various synthetic blends. These fabrics require specific care to maintain their performance properties.

Preparing for Washing:

Before washing your Arc’teryx jacket, follow these preparatory steps:

  • Close all zippers, fasten all Velcro closures, and secure any drawstrings or cords. This prevents damage to the jacket and its components during the washing process.
  • Remove any detachable accessories or features, such as hoods or fur trims, if applicable. These parts may have separate care instructions or need to be washed separately.
  • Shake off any loose dirt or debris from the carhartt jacket before washing. This helps prevent dirt particles from clogging the fabric or washing machine.

Machine Washing:

Arc’teryx jackets made with synthetic fabrics are often machine washable, but it is essential to check the care label for specific instructions. Follow these steps for machine washing:

  • Zip up the jacket and turn it inside out. This protects the outer shell from excessive friction and prevents damage.
  • Place the jacket in a large, front-loading washing machine. Avoid using top-loading machines with agitators, as they can cause damage to the jacket.
  • Use a mild, non-detergent liquid detergent specifically designed for technical fabrics. Avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, or harsh chemicals, as they can degrade the fabric and diminish performance.
  • Select a gentle or delicate cycle with cold water. Avoid using high agitation or spin cycles, as they can cause unnecessary stress on the jacket.
  • If available, use an extra rinse cycle to ensure that all detergent residue is thoroughly washed out.

Hand Washing:

For more delicate Arc’teryx jackets or those with specific care requirements, hand washing is a suitable method. Here’s how to hand wash your jacket:

  • Fill a clean sink or basin with cold or lukewarm water.
  • Add a small amount of mild, non-detergent liquid detergent specifically formulated for technical fabrics. Dissolve the detergent in the water.
  • Place the jacket in the water and gently agitate it for a few minutes, making sure to focus on any stained or soiled areas.
  • Rinse the jacket thoroughly with clean water to remove all detergent residue, gently squeezing out excess water. Do not wring or twist the fabric, as it can damage the jacket.


Proper drying techniques are crucial to maintaining the performance and shape of your Arc’teryx jacket. Follow these guidelines:

  • After washing, gently squeeze out excess water without wringing or twisting the fabric.
  • Leave the jacket turned inside out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area, away from direct heat or sunlight. This prevents color fading and damage to the fabric.
  • Avoid using a dryer, as high heat can degrade the integrity of the jacket, shrink the fabric, or damage the waterproof/breathable membrane.
  • If necessary, line dry the jacket away from heat sources until it is completely dry. Once dry, turn the jacket right side out and store it in a cool and dry place.

wash arcteryx jacket

Waterproofing Treatment:

Over time, the waterproofing properties of Arc’teryx jackets may diminish. To revitalize the water repellency, consider using a specialized waterproofing treatment suitable for the fabric. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the treatment evenly, typically by spraying or washing it onto the jacket. After applying the treatment, allow the puffer jacket to dry completely before use or storage.

Stain and Spot Cleaning:

For minor stains or spot cleaning, it is best to address them promptly to prevent permanent damage. Use a damp cloth or sponge with mild detergent to gently scrub the affected area. Avoid excessive rubbing or scrubbing, as it can wear down the fabric or damage the waterproofing.


Proper storage is essential for prolonging the life of your Arc’teryx jacket. Follow these tips:

  • Ensure the jacket is completely dry before storing it to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.
  • Hang the jacket on a sturdy, shaped hanger in a cool, dry place with proper ventilation.
  • If using a garment bag for storage, ensure it is breathable to prevent any moisture buildup.
  • Avoid compressing the jacket or storing it in a tightly packed closet, as it can compromise the jacket’s shape and compress the insulation.

How to match clothes with arcteryx jacket

Arcteryx jackets are renowned for their exceptional performance and durability in outdoor activities. However, these jackets are not just practical; they can also be stylish and versatile for everyday wear. Styling an Arcteryx jacket with the right clothing can create a functional and fashionable outfit that withstands various weather conditions.

Dress for the Weather:

When styling an Arcteryx jacket, it is important to consider the weather conditions and the jacket’s intended purpose. Arcteryx jackets come in a range of styles, including insulated, softshell, and hardshell options, each designed for specific weather conditions. Choose the appropriate jacket that matches the weather forecast, whether it be a lightweight jacket for mild temperatures or an insulated parka for colder climates.

wash arcteryx jacket

Casual Outdoor Look:

For a casual outdoor look, pair your Arcteryx jacket with comfortable and functional clothing items. Opt for a pair of well-fitting jeans or outdoor pants for a classic and versatile bottom. Combine the pants with a simple T-shirt or a flannel shirt for a laid-back vibe. Complete the outfit with a pair of sturdy hiking boots or sneakers. This casual ensemble is perfect for hiking, camping, or everyday outdoor activities.

Sporty Athleisure Style:

Arcteryx jackets are not limited to outdoor adventures; they can also be incorporated into a sporty athleisure look. Pair your jacket with moisture-wicking leggings or joggers for comfort and ease of movement. Layer a fitted performance top or a breathable workout tank underneath the lululemon jacket. Complete the outfit with stylish and supportive athletic shoes. This sporty athleisure style is ideal for gym sessions, yoga classes, or running errands in style.

Elevated Streetwear Look:

Arcteryx jackets can also be styled for an elevated streetwear aesthetic. Pair a lightweight and sleek Arcteryx jacket with black or dark-colored skinny jeans for a modern and edgy look. Layer the jacket over a graphic T-shirt or a fitted sweater for added style. For footwear, opt for clean and minimalist sneakers or ankle boots. Accessorize with a beanie or a baseball cap to complete the streetwear-inspired ensemble.


Proper care and washing techniques are essential for maintaining the performance, functionality, and durability of your Arc’teryx jacket. By understanding the specific care instructions for the chosen fabric, following machine or hand washing methods, and employing proper drying techniques, you can ensure that your jacket remains in top condition for all your outdoor endeavors. Remember to avoid harsh chemicals, select a suitable detergent, and never use fabric softeners or bleach. With proper care and maintenance, your Arc’teryx jacket will continue to perform at its best and provide lasting protection and comfort on your outdoor adventures.

wash arcteryx jacket

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